Patriot Picket on Civil Disobedience and 2A Rights

PATRIOT PICKET was contacted by WUSA TV9 NEWS, the CBS TV flagship station in Washington, DC about our growing WWNC Patriot movement!

In this news story Jeff Hulbert is interviewed about his ejection from the Maryland House of Delegates public gallery on March 18, 2019 for shouting “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!” at legislators voting to impose even more infringements on the rights of lawful MD gun owners.

Jeff was joined in the interview by Patriot Picket spokesman Paul Brockman.

News story on the WUSA TV9:

A Case to File Under “M” for Maryland: In the Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone, created and presented by Rod Serling, ran for five seasons on CBS television from 1959 to 1964.

Eerily prescient, this brief 60 second show clip foretells a place like Maryland: the deeply disturbing Kafkaesque  experience of entering a Constitutional “Twilight Zone”  - -  our surreal experience of living in a corrupt gerrymandered one-party leftist dictatorship.

Maryland used to be part of America; click here to experience the nightmare of our Maryland General Assembly:

In Case You Haven’t Seen It: This Is Maryland Now

Shari Judah is a former Board member of the MD Handgun Permit Review Board (HPRB); Judah was assaulted, battered and dragged from a MDGA “hearing“ room before she could finish her statement.

She brought an extraordinary level of insight and actual deliberative experience to share with the combined MDGA Committees who took testimony on March 8, 2019 on SB 1000, a bill to repeal the Board itself.

Despite her standing Judah was granted only 60 seconds to speak.

It was International Women’s Day:

MD Sheriffs: “We Will Not Comply” With These Gun Laws

Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico County speaks to the hearing overflow room for the delegation of MD Sheriffs who traveled to Annapolis to oppose the 2019 anti-gun owner legislation proposed by the Maryland General Assembly.

Sheriff Lewis:“We have your back” and “we will not comply!”

Mark Pennak: MGA Proposing Laws That Can’t Be Implemented

MSI President Mark Pennak testifies: the requirements of SB737 would be impossible to implement without requiring the Maryland State Police to rely on State background checks.

SB737 compels dealers to conduct NICS background checks for long gun private sales, but the Federal Brady Act doesn't allow this.

Thousands are dead in MD every year from violent crime and opioids; yet the MGA wastes legislative time in political virtue-signaling just to punish the gun owners who don’t commit crimes. 

MPGV President Mocks Gun Safety

Contrast the “facts and the law” approach of Mark Pennak above, with the ”emo” testimony of Jen Pauliukonis, President of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence.

Jen shares that she was “hated ... unliked and unloved” by school peers, that gun safety warnings are just “yada yada yada“ and that her suicidal fantasizing and untreated mental illness is the excuse for the MGA to deprive the rest of us of our civil rights.

From class tattletale to All-MD Tattletale, look for Jen‘s smug smile at the end:

Maryland Legislators: We Cannot Trust You

2/25/19: Truly compelling testimony before the Maryland House Judiciary Committee in opposition to bill HB612, which would ban the possession of the Colt AR-15 Sporter H-BAR (heavy-barreled/target) Rifle.

HB740 and SB882 contain similar language that would criminalize possession of any homemade firearm.

You can learn more about what the Maryland General Assembly is doing at

3-D/Ghost Guns: HB612  3-D/Ghost Guns: SB882: http

Demanding Mommies: We Don’t Trust You Either

The Moms Demand Action crowd: they sneer, lie, scream profanities, destroy our signs, and when they are ignored they cry and try to start trouble; then they accuse you of assault to claim victimhood.

In the video the Capitol Police are called to warn this disruptive Mommie Leader: they patiently explain to her that she is required to behave like a grownup; she responds by claiming she’s been “attacked” and then she whines about wanting to be first in line for the 2/27/19 gun bill hearing. 

2019: A Gun Builder Opposes the “Ghost Gun” Ban Bill

In 2019 the Maryland General Assembly intends to criminalize the possession of any homemade firearm. Americans and Marylanders have been making their own guns since our founding.

In modern times, home gun building is still common, enjoyed as a hobby. Unserialized  (“ghost”) homemade guns are very seldom used in crime and no one has harmed anyone with a 3D-printed gun.

The bill number is SB882 and you can read it here:

Patriot Picket Interview on MPT State Circle

Patriot Picket spokesman Paul Brockman and Patriot Picket member Katie Novotny are interviewed by Maryland Public Television outside the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing room on March 27, 2019 about the anti-gun owner bills proposed this session by the Maryland General Assembly.

Join the Patriot Picket!



We are law-abiding, gun-owning American Patriots who assemble peacefully to fiercely oppose -- by lawful pickets and sign protests -- the infringement of our Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms.



Patriot Picket originated in early 2016 with a handful of dedicated Marylanders who gathered -- without asking for permission or permits -- on the brick sidewalks of the Maryland Statehouse to begin regular sign pickets protesting the unending infringement of the Second Amendment in Maryland.

We enjoyed it, our political opponents hated it, the news media took notice of our persistence and determination, and all the anti-gun bills were defeated in 2016 and again in 2017.

In 2018 the MGA introduced third-world jurisprudence to Maryland, passing the Red Flag Law to deprive armed citizens of their American due process. Police have already killed their first respondent before a hearing. 

In 2019 the MGA leftist lunatics are doubling down on their nonsense; we are raising awareness that gun bans and confiscation are here. 

We saw that aggressive PARTISAN outdoor tactics could complement the valued indoor strategy of NON-PARTISAN gun-rights organizations, with which we are not affiliated.

The Patriot Picket has grown; Patriots have traveled to the steps of the US Capitol and surrounding states to oppose political tyranny, to counter demonstrators and their historical ignorance, and to promote and defend the Second Amendment and wisdom of Our Founders.



Our volunteers have afflicted corrupt politicians, opposed anti-gun demonstrators, exposed their propaganda, carried the pro-2A message to legislators and the public, surprised cynics, inspired 2A supporters and earned the respect of passersby who ask why we do what we do.

We have gained the attention and interest of local, national and international news media. As individuals we are free to speak to the news media with a bluntly partisan political perspective, something representatives of non-partisan gun-rights organizations cannot do.

We have advanced a pro-2A message on radio, in print, in online live-streaming and broadcast TV news interviews. We are here to fight, and here to stay.

The mission of the Patriot Picket is to promote this media-savvy form of Second Amendment activism everywhere, to share our knowledge and experience in high-visibility sign picketing, refine our political tactics, improve our media interview techniques, and persuade our fellow Patriots nationwide to pick up a sign and join our movement.

Patriot Picket Arrests: Free Speech Criminalized in Maryland

On February 5, 2018 Jeff and Kevin Hulbert were arrested by Maryland Capitol Police on the public sidewalk near the steps of the historic Statehouse in Annapolis  for “failing to obey a lawful order” to move their Second Amendment sign picket to another location.

They were supported by fellow Patriot Picket members who also risked arrest. 

Multiple charges against the Hulberts were eventually dropped; they have filed a Federal lawsuit against the MCP for violating their First Amendment rights. 

Patriot Picket on NRA TV!

Patriot Picket Founder Jeff Hulbert and Co-Captain Paul Brockman appear on NRA TV:

Battle of Annapolis 2017

Patriot Picket takes to the brick sidewalks in front of the Maryland Statehouse to picket the Maryland General Assembly during its entire session and to give multiple interviews to the news media, for the second year in a row. Second Amendment activists won another resounding victory against the leftist MGA this year. Patriot Picket is honored to present the work of our fellow Patriot and Documentary Filmmaker Ed Leary:

Battle of Chantilly 2017

Patriot Picket returned in 2017 to defend NRA HQ in Virginia: Code Pink, Demanding Moms, Black Lives Matter and assorted leftist cadres had metastasized into the "Women's March" and rallied at the NRA to demand the surrender of the NRA Membership's First and Second Amendment Rights. Patriot Picket was there in force to counter their treasonous nonsense, and to share the NRA story of defending American freedom with the national and international news media. Video compilation by Patriot Ed Leary.

Code Pink Travesty at NRA HQ

When Code Pink rallied in front of NRA HQ in Fairfax, VA in 2016 with the promise of a "solemn memorial" for the Orlando Nightclub dead, they claimed they were doing it to "shame" the NRA; instead they commenced a noisy, shamefully disrespectful, hours-long clown circus -- screaming obscenities into bullhorns.  Patriot Picket assembled there to honor in silence the memory of innocent fellow Americans murdered by a jihadist.  An Ed Leary Film.